Information on Hackney Library's
New Library Personnel Video


With a change in personnel in Summer 2010, Hackney Library needed a new video to introduce current library personnel to Barton students. The resulting "The Library" video, which was shot in November 2010, recreates the title sequence of the hit TV series "The Office." Various shots of day-to-day office activities from the intro of the series were recreated with slightly more library-specific duties. The library staff was then filmed doing various library tasks in a manner very similar to the title sequence from the series.

Because there was some concern expressed about whether current college-age students would be familiar with the TV show being spoofed by our original personnel video ("The Hackney Bunch"), a deliberate attempt was made to model this new video after a TV show that would more likely to be familiar to today's traditional college-age population; the popularity of "The Office" show seems to fill the bill.

About the Video

A Canon GL-1 DV camera was used to film the video, and it was then edited using Sony Vegas editing software. The audio for this clip is an original composition written and recorded by Steven Stewart, Library Technical Associate for Outreach and Public Services. It was inspired by the original music from the series, and it lasts almost twice as long as the music in the show's title sequence since there are more names to incorporate into this video than in the original title sequence of the series. The audio was recorded using Audacity recording software, an M-Audio Black Box audio interface, a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, a Yamaha bass, and a Casio keyboard.

The shot toward the end that shows Library Director Rodney Lippard sitting at his desk presented an interesting issue. We wanted to recreate the "through-the-blinds" shots that "The Office" is famous for, but Rodney's office is laid out in such a way that made shooting into his office from outside impossible. To recreate this shot, blinds had to be hung in front of the camera from a ladder in the middle of Rodney's office. Also, in the original title sequence, the Michael Scott character adjusts a "World's Greatest Boss" trophy on his desk in this shot. In our version, Rodney is proudly displaying the library's John Cotton Dana Award instead.

The entire process took approximately a day and a half to complete.

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Last updated December 6, 2010