The Sudoc (Superintendent of Documents) Number system was created by the Government Printing Office, which oversees distribution of government publications to depository libraries, including the Barton College Library. While we have converted most of our government documents to the Dewey Decimal System from the Sudoc system, we still have some documents in microfiche and CD formats that are still classified using Sudoc. These items are grouped together by issuing agency rather than by subject. The first letter in the call number is usually the first letter of the agency which issued the publication.

Below is a list of the most commonly used prefixes:

A Agriculture Department
C Commerce Department
D Defense Department
E Energy Department
ED Education Department
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
GA General Accounting Office
HE Health and Human Services Department
HH Housing and Urban Development
I Interior Department
J Justice Department
Ju Judiciary
L Labor Department
LC Library of Congress
NAS National Aeronautics and Space Administration
S State Department
SI Smithsonian Institution
T Treasury Department
TD Transportation Department
Y Congress

Last updated July 8, 2009