Hackney Library is committed to helping students succeed academically while here at Barton College by providing the resources and services you need to do so. Some of these are listed below:

Resources to Meet Your Research and Information Needs

Library Home Page (
This is the primary gateway to library resources--from it you can access most of the following resources (both from on campus, and from off campus with Barton login):

Articles Plus Tab Includes the following resources to find articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers:

Resources for Finding Articles General and subject-specific databases that index articles in the following formats:

  • Print (Available in stacks on the first floor of the library)
  • Electronic (Available full-text through NCLIVE and other online databases on both on- and off-campus computers)

Books & More Tab Includes the following resources to locate books in print and electronic format:

Library Online Catalog Lists / Provides Access To:

  • Books (Traditional paper format)
  • Electronic Books (E-books are read on the computer screen)
  • Government Documents
  • Audiovisuals (Videos, DVDs, audiotapes, computer software)

Search Full-Text E-Book Reference Collections Allows you to search the full-text of electronic books in three separate e-book collections

Journal Availability Tab Allows you to determine through JournalFinder what journal, magazine, or newspaper titles are available in the full text

Other Resources Tab Selected Web Sites and Non-Article Databases

Subject Guides Link on Left Sidebar Gathers discipline-specfic resources together in a LibGuide

Reserves Books and other materials--whether they come from the library's collection or from an instructor's personal collection--may be placed on Reserve in the library by instructors for in-library use by students. Items that have been placed on Reserve are located behind the library's Circulation Desk. Reserve materials may only be used by students in the library and are circulated for three-hour periods to ensure availability to all students in a given class or classes.

Interlibrary Loan Services Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service which allows all our patrons, including students, to obtain books or journal articles that Hackney Library does not own. We work with libraries all across the country to share materials that our patrons need. In most cases, books and articles obtained on ILL are free. Because these items come from other libraries and are often sent through the mail, there is normally a delay of seven to ten days before interlibrary loans are received. To request a book or journal article on interlibrary loan, students may fill out electronic forms on the library's web page.

Instructional Help Available for Students Through the Library

In Person:

During library orientations provided to individual classes
During individual consultations with the reference librarians at the reference desk


Through email ( to reference librarians
Through Help pages available from all pages on our library web site
Through Course Guides (LibGuides) from class orientations available on our library web site

Via Chat:

Through real-time chat sessions, either with a Hackney Library reference librarian when available, or through NCknows (an online reference chat service to which we subscribe) with a librarian elsewhere 24 hours a day on weekdays and 8 am - 12 midnight on weekends, when Hackney Library reference librarians are not available.

By Phone:

Reference help is available by phone when we are open at 252-399-6502 (or x6502 from a campus phone)

Services Available to Students through the Library


Use of Hard-wired Computers The library provides access to 20+ hard-wired networked student computers throughout the library. From these computer stations, students may search the library catalog and access all online library resources, complete assignments using Microsoft Office products, send and receive emails, surf the web, save to flash drives or to their own folder on the network. Students may also print to adjacent printers at these stations (the cost of print jobs is deducted from each student's print quota, which is renewed each semester).

Use of Loaner Wireless Laptops in Library Several loaner laptops and an additional 26 Netbooks that can access the wireless network are available to Barton faculty, staff, and students for check-out for in-library use only. Barton ID is required for checkout at the circulation desk. Note: Personal laptops may also be used in the library with a wireless network password available from a reference librarian.


Use of Black/White and Color Printers In addition to several black/white printers available in the library, students also have the use of a color printer, located at the circulation desk on the first floor. Charges for printing are deducted from each student's print quota, which is renewed each semester. (Students may also add money to their print quota in the library when they exceed their allotted quota.)

Use of Black/White and Color Copier and Scanner The library has a combination black/white and color copy machine that is also networked to scan documents to email accounts. The copier's attached coin-op will take dollar bills and coins (and make change) to make copies. Black/white copies are 10 cents per page, and color copies are 25 cents per page. There is currently no charge for scanning documents to email.

Fax Services The library operates a fax machine which can be used by students for both the transmission and receipt of documents. There is no charge to receive faxes; however, we do charge to transmit them. The charges for sending a fax are as follows:

  • Domestic (Within United States): $2.00 for the first 5 pages, $1.00 for every additional set of 5 pages.
  • International: $4.00 for the first 5 pages, $2.00 for every additional set of 5 pages.
  • Faxes within Wilson County and to 800 or other toll-free numbers: Free.

The library fax number is (252) 399-6571. If you plan to receive a fax, please ask the sender to include on the cover sheet your name and a phone number where you can be reached. This will enable us to contact you in a timely manner. After notification to the recipient, faxes received are placed in a basket at the library circulation desk for pick-up.

Group and Individual Study Areas/Tutoring Assistance

Quiet Study Areas Individual study carrels and both individual and group study rooms (primarily on the library's second floor--the 'Quiet Zone') are available for students to use for more quiet study. The group study rooms are equipped with either whiteboards or chalkboards, and whiteboard markers/erasers and chalk/erasers are available for checkout from the circulation desk.

Collaborative Study Areas Group tables, a brainstorming table with whiteboard, sofas and easy chairs, plus the library classroom, are available for collaborative study on the library's first floor. Small portable dry-erase boards and markers to be used for collaborative study are available for check-out from the circulation desk. Quiet conversation and collaboration are encouraged on this floor.

Learning Café The library has a Learning Café area located on the first floor inside the front door, complete with diner-style booths and café tables available for collaborative study. This comfortable area has proven popular with students using laptops, doing group work, or taking a break from studying to relax. It is adjacent to the popular magazine display shelves.

Tutoring Sessions Hackney Library hosts group tutoring as well as individual peer tutoring sessions that are coordinated by the Office of Student Success, which is also located in the library building.

Popular Books and Magazines

Paperback Book Exchange Hackney Library has a small but growing Paperback Book Exchange, which contains leisure reading books for students to borrow when you need a break from your academic pursuits.

McNaughton Popular Fiction and Non-Fiction Hackney Library has contracted with McNaughton to lease selected new popular titles, both fiction and nonfiction. These new popular books circulate for four weeks; they are located in the Popular Reading collection on the first floor across from the circulation desk. Every month or so, new titles arrive and are placed in this collection.

Popular Magazines We also subscribe to around 30 popular magazine titles, and the most current issues of these are displayed for easy access in the Learning Café area of the library (magazines may not be checked out but must be read while in the library).

Other Services

Use of Video/DVD Players The library has several VCRs and DVD players on which students may watch videos or DVDs in the library. Most of these are on mobile carts which can be moved to individual or group study rooms as needed. Videos and DVDs may also be viewed using the computer and interactive whiteboard in the library classroom.

Food / Beverages Drink and snack vending machines are available on the first floor near the Learning Café area of the library. Refreshments may be taken anywhere in the library as long as care is taken to protect library resources from damage caused by spillage and as long as trash and debris are placed in proper receptacles.

Use of Local Public Library Hackney Library has a special arrangement with the local Wilson County Public Library to allow current Barton students (even those whose permanent address is outside the county or state) to obtain library cards to check out materials from the public library's circulating collections (your Barton ID is required when applying for a public library card). Access to the public library's collections, especially its fiction and children's/young adult books, helps augment our own limited collections in these areas, both for coursework and for leisure reading. The Wilson County Public Library's main location is just a few blocks' walk from campus.

Library Hours & Who's Who in the Library

Library Hours
Regular semester hours are as follows: Mondays through Thursdays, 8 am-11 pm; Fridays, 8 am-8 pm; Saturdays, 10 am-7 pm; Sundays, 2-11 pm. You may view a daily schedule of library hours on our home page under the Hours link.

Library Contact Information and Faculty/Staff

For additional assistance about these or any other questions you have concerning the library and its services, give the reference desk a call at (252) 399-6502 (x6502 if on campus), send us an email at, or drop by Hackney Library and ask us in person when the library is open. Online reference help via chat is also available from Hackney Library reference librarians when available and at other times from reference librarians across the country through NCknows.

Last updated January 3, 2013