The textbooks adopted by the North Carolina Public Schools for elementary and secondary public school students are found in the Textbook Collection of our Curriculum Lab, located on the second floor in our library. These textbooks are assigned a unique "call number" or code by the North Carolina Public Schools and are shelved according to that number within our Textbook Collection.

Explanation of Textbook Codes

The number consists of three distinct parts separated by dashes, as illustrated in the example below:

Example: 2-41-025

NC Textbook Subject Area Codes

The middle digits in the NC Textbook Code denote the subject areas covered by the textbooks. See the following table for specific subject areas and the codes that correspond to them as used in the NC Textbook Code system:

01 Handwriting
02 Reading (Language Arts & Literature)
03 Spelling
11 Elementary Arts Education
12 Music Survey (Appreciation & Survey of Music, Choral, and Theory)
13 Visual Arts (Art Appreciation, History, and Studio)
14 Theater Arts
21 French
22 Latin
23 Spanish
24 German
31 Elementary Healthful Living
32 Secondary Healthful Living
41 English
42 Literature Anthologies I, II, III, and IV
44 Literature Special Interest Course (Journalism, Speech)
51 Elementary Mathematics
52 Advanced Mathematics (AP Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Trigonometry)
53 Algebra
54 Consumer Mathematics
61 Agricultural Education
62 Business & Office Education
63 Marketing Education
64 Health Occupations Education
65 Home Economics Education
66 Technology Education
67 Trade & Industrial Education
71 Elementary Science
72 Biology
73 Chemistry
74 Physical Sciences
75 Physics
76 Anatomy & Physiology
77 Earth Science
78 Special Interest Courses--Science (Applied Science, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Oceanography)
81 Elementary Social Studies
82 World Geography
83 U.S. History
84 Economic, Legal, & Political Systems
85 World History
86 Sociology
87 Economics
88 Government (Law and Justice)
89 Psychology
90 World Cultures

Last updated February 18, 2008