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Identifying the Database Name of an NCLIVE Database

When you are citing an article (in either APA or MLA style) that comes from an NCLIVE database, you need to identify in your Bibliography or Works Cited page the name of the database containing the article you are citing. Depending on the database and the vendor of the database, that can sometimes be tricky to discern. Following are some screen shots from databases from two possible vendors that will give you a better idea of where to look for the database name.

(Note: In most cases, each vendor puts the database name in a consistent place in all its own databases, so the specific databases used in the examples below should be representative of all the databases provided by the given vendor.):

Example 1: In Databases from the vendor EBSCHOhost

Example 2: In Databases from the vendor Gale Cengage

In the following screen shot, the database name--Gale Virtual Reference Library, in this example--is highlighted here in blue and appears beneath the North Carolina Libraries for Virtual Education (NCLIVE) heading on all screens:

Screen shot showing the location of the database name on all screens in Gale Cengage databases

Identifying the Vendor of an NCLIVE Database

The vendor is the provider of the database (and most vendors, such as EBSCOhost, Gale Cengage, and others provide access to a number of different databases). If you are using the MLA style manual for formatting your Works Cited or Bibliography page, you will need to include the vendor as well as the database name in your citations for NCLIVE articles. (Currently, APA style does not require the vendor name to be included.)

Unfortunately, sometimes the arrangement of some of the vendors' web pages makes it confusing to identify the vendor. Following are some screen shots of examples from two sample NCLIVE database vendors that may help alleviate confusion:

Example 3: In Databases from the vendor EBSCHOhost

In the screen shot below, the vendor--EBSCOhost--appears in the green-rimmed blue circle across the top left of every screen in all its databases:

Screen shot of EBSCOhost vendor name logo in the upper left of each screen

Example 4: In Databases from the vendor Gale Cengage

In the following screen shot, you can see the vendor--Gale Cengage--which appears in the top left corner of each Gale database screen:

Screen shot of Gale Cengage vendor name logo in the top left of each screen

List of NCLIVE Vendors

If you use a database not shown in the examples here and you're unsure of the possible NCLIVE vendors to use, see the list of NCLIVE vendors on the NCLIVE site for help in identifying the vendor for the database you are citing. (Hint: Clicking on the name of a vendor on that page will open a new browser window and bring up a list of all the databases provided by that vendor through NCLIVE.)

For additional help in citing NCLIVE resources using either APA or MLA style, see our Citing NCLIVE Articles page.

Last updated March 3, 2010

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