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Hackney Library's orientation video, "Welcome to the Library," was originally conceived as an idea to get students, especially student workers, involved in the work of the library. We brainstormed different ideas, and in so doing, started thinking about reaching out to students in general in the different ways that interest them. We then started thinking about using some of the social utilities (MySpace, Facebook, YouTube), which might be familiar to students. This then led to thinking about YouTube and library orientation. However, we came up with the idea after the end of the 2007-8 academic year and wanted something in place before the beginning of the 2008-9 year; therefore, we needed to work on it over the summer when we did not have a lot of students available. Because of this relative unavailability of students, the library staff became more involved in the process.

Our hope when we began talking about this project was to create something that was both informative and entertaining. We knew that if we became too serious, it would be dry and the students would lose interest and not watch it. We thought that we could make something that could be campy, fun entertainment and yet could educate as well. Once we started thinking about the project in this way, the idea of spoofing the educational films of previous decades came to mind, and we decided to pursue that angle.

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

  • Brad--Jeremy Lowe
  • Sally--Rose Copper
  • Library Director--Rodney Lippard
  • "Shusher"--Marcus Mayo
  • Reference Librarian--Ann Dolman
  • Dr. I. B. Teachin--Tony Tilley
  • Student in Classroom with Brad--Bethany Horner
  • Narrator--Steven Stewart

How the Video is Being Used

The main purpose of the video is to provide an orientation to Hackney Library and an overview of the collections and services available. The FYS (First Year Seminar) classes are asked to view this video prior to their library orientation session in the Fall. This gives the students a broad overview, allowing us to be more focused in our instruction.

About the Video

The script was written by the library director, Rodney Lippard, in about two days. Lippard, Steven Stewart (Circulation Supervisor), and Cynthia Collins (Friends of Hackney Library Staff & Weekend Librarian) held a read-through of the script one afternoon to make certain it flowed well.

Steven Stewart created a scene breakdown from the script and took on the role of videographer, director, sound engineer, and editor. The filming took place over four days and was shot on a Canon GL-1 DV camera. The compiling and editing took about two days, and the process of running it through the software to apply the aging filter took about eight hours. Final Cut Express was used for the video editing, and additional audio editing was done in Soundtrack. The titles and logos were created by Stewart in Photoshop and are based on the look of the original Cornet Educational Films title cards. In order to achieve the aged look, CGM's Aged Film LE filter was applied to the video in Final Cut, along with some additional jerkiness, movement, and skipping that was done manually in Final Cut.

The trailer and Parts 1 and 2 of the video have been posted on YouTube. Total running time of both parts combined is approximately 20 minutes. The trailer runs for just over two minutes.

Fun Facts about the Video

Image of 'Hackney Films' logo

  • The video premiered on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at a library open house.
  • Brad's heel-kick was improvised by actor Jeremy Lowe. Besides being a fine actor, Lowe was also the 2008/2009 Student Body President while a student at Barton College. He is currently an admissions counselor for the college.
  • Actors Rose Copper, Bethany Horner, and Marcus Mayo were all student workers at Hackney Library during the filming.
  • The role of the professor (Dr. I. B. Teachin) is played by Mr. Tony Tilley, Director of Dining Services at Barton College.
  • The part of the library director was originally written as being that of circulation supervisor; however, after the circulation supervisor became the director and videographer, the role in the video became that of library director.
  • The eyeglasses worn by the library director are actually 3-D glasses from current 3-D movies with the lenses removed.
  • The reference librarian and Sally, the student worker, are both wearing the same top and hair bow.
  • Library Director Rodney Lippard sacrificed his beard for the production. After reviewing yearbooks from the 1950's, it became apparent that a beard would not be true to the period portrayed in the video.

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Last updated March 11, 2010