The research guides used in Hackney Library orientations for specific courses suggest resources appropriate for completing assigned projects and papers.

Click on the following subjects and then click on specific courses by name/number to access the guide for a specific course:


Bus 350: Managerial Communications
Bus 490: Business Policy and Strategy
Mgt 301: Principles of Management
Mkt 320: Promotions Management


COM 360: Law and Ethics in Mass Media

Criminal Justice

CJC 101: Intro Survey of Criminology / Criminal Justice
CJC 101: Intro Survey of Criminology / Criminal Justice (Careers)
CJC 230: American Legal System
CJC 355: Constitutional Development of the US


Edu 201: Foundations of Education
Edu 202: Educ...Foundations...Deaf...Children
Edu 223: Learning/Learners in the 21st Century (Research Plan Example)
Edu 303: Children's Literature K-6
Edu 410: Methods and Materials for Infants and Toddlers
Edu 454: Language Arts K-6
Master's Program: Elementary Education


Eng 102: Composition II (All instructors)
Eng 102: Composition II (Dennis and Marshall, Spring 2012)

Eng 103: Honors Composition (Dr. Clark)
Eng 201: Introduction to Literature
Eng 208: Women Writers
Eng 225/325: Detective & Mystery Fiction
Eng 303: Survey of English Literature
Eng 305: Study of a Genre: Contemporary Drama
Eng 307: Shakespeare: The Comedies & Histories
Eng 308: Shakespeare: The Tragedies
Eng 363: Reading in the Content Areas

FYS: Freshman Year Seminar

FYS: First Year Seminar
FYS: First Year Seminar--Career Research


Geo 202: Physical Geography (Fall 2007)
Geo 202: Physical Geography (Spring 2008)
Geo 340: Political Geography


His 430: The Origins of the American Republic
His 440: U.S. History Since 1945


Nur 201: Introduction to Health Sciences
Nur 201: Introduction to Health Sciences--Career Information (Peele)
Nur 214: Introductory Nutrition
Nur 335: Health Needs of the Older Adult (Peele)

Physical Education/Sports Studies/Athletic Training

Atr 113: Athletic Training
Atr 460: Senior Seminar (O'Donoghue)
PED 350: Kinesiology (O'Donoghue)
SPS 312: Program Design and Implementation (Fall 2012)


Psy 101: Introductory Psychology
Psy 250: Communicating in Psychology
Psy 270: Statistics and Research Methods I
Psy 325: Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
Psy 490: Psychology: Senior Thesis I


Bio 315: Cell Biology

Social Work

Swk 201: Intro. to the Social Work Profession


Spa 421: Advanced Composition & Conversation

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