Hackney Library has the capability to borrow directly from libraries across the nation for students, faculty, staff, and Friends of Hackney Library. To do this efficiently, the appropriate interlibrary loan form must be filled out accurately and completely. When materials arrive or questions concerning the interlibrary loan request arise, the staff will make an effort to contact the requester by phone. However, due to the nature of busy schedules, it is the requester's responsibility to check back with the library on the status of the interlibrary loan.

The borrower is encouraged to make the request at least two weeks prior to need and indicating the last date acceptable to receive on the request form.

The National Interlibrary Loan Code, 1980, restricts interlibrary loans to "research and serious study", so only requests in that category may be requested through the national effort. Requests for leisure reading materials may be made through the North Carolina network. The code also states that libraries will abide by the copyright law and that libraries will return materials on time.

The National Interlibrary Loan code also prevents borrowing more than 5 articles from the same journal title and no more than 1 article from each issue. Requesters must abide by these agreements in order for Hackney Library to retain its borrowing privileges. If the requester needs to borrow an article from a journal that he has previously requested more than 5 times, or more than 1 article in an issue, then the library will order the item from a commercial document delivery source.

Interlibrary loan costs the library a minimum of $2.00 per request (whether books or photocopies). Hackney Library now provides interlibrary loan service free of charge, in most cases. However, should the expected demand overrun the budget or total requests per individual exceed 10 in a given year, the library must charge the extra $2.00 per request back to the requester. Likewise, the interlibrary loan staff will prioritize by the first ten requests per individual. The remaining 10 will be requested after other individual requests have been satisfied.

Please note that because of copyright restrictions, Hackney Library cannot borrow textbooks for classes via interlibrary loan. For current Barton students, the Barton College Bookstore offers the option to rent as well as to purchase textbooks for use in current classes. Please do not attempt to borrow these resources on interlibrary loan.

If you have any questions about interlibrary loan policies, please contact our Circulation/Technology Librarian via email or by phone at 252-399-6509, or drop by the circulation desk between 8 am and 5 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

Last updated July 12, 2012