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Physical Collections:

Electronic Collections:

Physical Collections


Audiovisual materials such as videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and kits are listed in the online catalog along with our books. The location code for these items is Audiovisual. All audiovisual materials are shelved on the first floor adjacent to the reference collection.

Curriculum Lab

Located on the second floor, the Curriculum Lab houses materials of interest to those in elementary and secondary education. Here are found materials appropriate for teachers of elementary and secondary school age students, literature anthologies, information on audiovisual materials for educators, juvenile books and picture books, curriculum guides, elementary and secondary school textbooks, instructional packages for a wide variety of subjects, and books on teaching methods for different disciplines.


Books that are works of fiction (literature and selected popular fiction) are located in the Fiction collection near the stairs on the second floor. These may be checked out at the circulation desk.

(There is also a revolving "collection" of paperback popular fiction [mysteries, romances, thrillers, etc.] found in the Paperback Exchange located on the first floor. Books in the Paperback Exchange are not owned by the library; therefore, patrons may freely borrow from and donate to the Exchange at will without checking them out.)

General Collection

This is our largest collection and represents the bulk of our circulating collection (items that can be checked out). It is located on the second floor.

Government Documents

U.S. Government documents are materials produced by an agency of the federal government such as the Department of Agriculture or the Defense Department. They take many forms. Pamphlets, posters, single sheets of paper, multi-volume hardback books (such as the Iran-Contra hearings or the U.S. Supreme Court Reports), microfiche, compact disks, journals and maps are some of the varied ways government documents are distributed. (Many are also available now on the internet.)

Since 1930, Hackney Library has been a U.S. Depository Library. This status greatly strengthens the library's holdings and means that we have the opportunity of selecting whichever government documents we wish to receive in paper format on a continuing basis. The library selects those paper documents that appear to be the most useful to our students, faculty and community users.

While government documents in paper format were formerly housed in a separate Government Documents collection, they are now incorporated into Hackney Library's general and reference collections.


The library has a limited map collection, most of which comes from the federal government. Maps are filed in the map case near the Reference Collection of the library or in the adjoining filing cabinet. Finding aids are available. One of the most useful map collections is the country map series, consisting of country and regional maps size 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. or larger. The library also has highway, recreational, topographic and National Geographic maps.


This represents our physical collection of journals, magazines, and newspapers in both paper and microfiche/film format, whose use is limited to the library (except for faculty/staff, who may check them out with the assistance of a librarian). The bulk of this collection is located on the first floor; however, periodicals in microfiche and microfilm format are located in the northeast corner of the library on the second floor. Machines to view these microform periodicals are located adjacent to the elevator on the first floor.

(The library also has a large number of periodicals available electronically, but they are not in a "collection" as such and are therefore not represented in the Periodicals Collection mentioned here.)

Popular Reading Collection

The Popular Reading collection is composed of selected new fiction and nonfiction popular reading titles leased through McNaughton. Titles in this collection are shelved across from the reference desk on the first floor near the front door (fiction is closest to the stairs; nonfiction, closest to the front door). They circulate for four weeks.

Record, CD or Musical Score

Although they are cataloged in its online catalog, Hackney Library does not house music records, music CDs or musical scores. Instead, these are located in the Music Record and Score Library in the Roma Hackney Music Building on Whitehead Avenue. These materials are for in-building use only.


This collection consists of numerous multivolume encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference volumes whose use is limited to the library (except for faculty/staff, who may check them out with the assistance of a librarian). This collection is located on the first floor near the reference/circulation desk.

State Documents

In 1989, Hackney Library was designated a depository for North Carolina documents. These materials, published by the State of North Carolina, are distributed to us in microfiche form. They can be found near the reference collection on the first floor of the library. The online catalog clearly identifies these materials with "State Docs (Microfiche)" as the location code.

Electronic Collections

Barton College Digital Collections

These digitized collections include online versions of offical Atlantic Christian/Barton College print publications, such as all of the College's course catalogs, the yearbook (The Pine Knot), and will soon include the college student newspaper (The Collegiate), as well. They are accessible via the library web site and the DigitalNC Library web site.

Electronic Books

The majority of the electronic book collection is available through a database called eBooks on EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary). eBooks on EBSCOhost provides a collection of over 24,000 new and recent titles that are of interest to academic and public library patrons. You can access these e-books from any computer connected to the Internet, including from your home computer (if you are off campus, you must use your Barton login information to access these e-books).

In addition to eBooks on EBSCOhost, we have acquired additional electronic books from other vendors such as Oxford University Press, Gale, MyiLibrary, ABC-CLIO, and others. These e-books may also be accessed freely from on-campus computers and from off campus by using your Barton login information.

NCLIVE Streaming Videos

This collection contains streaming videos from PBS, accessed via NCLIVE. The NCLIVE Video Collection contains more than 370 high quality documentary and educational video programs produced for the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS). Chosen by North Carolina librarians for use in supporting education and for general interest, the collection includes programming covering the sciences, US and world history, biography, current events, and the arts, as well as a variety of other subjects. In addition, several educational series for children are included. Other popular streaming videos available through this collection include Ken Burns’ "Baseball," "The Civil War," and "Jazz" as well as the selected episodes from series such as "American Experience," "Frontline," "Scientific American Frontiers," and for kids, "Cyberspace" and "Liberty's Kids," among others.

The videos are viewable from any computer running Flash Player version 9 or higher with a relatively good Internet connection (at least 175 Kbps; however, it is not possible to view the videos over a dial-up Internet line). The videos NCLIVE is offering have been created to stream in two formats – a lower bandwidth option (175 Kbps) and a higher bandwidth option (400 Kbps). Additional options may be created in the future based on demand. No other hardware or software should be necessary to view the NCLIVE Video Collection.

Last updated October 23, 2012