Examples of APA and MLA Style

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How NCLIVE Article Citations are Unique

Most articles accessed through NCLIVE are electronic copies of paper articles retrieved from what are called "aggregated databases." The URLs or electronic addresses for NCLIVE articles are very long and contain question marks or other non-alphabetical characters. If correctly copied or pasted, URLs for some NCLIVE databases will link directly to the article. For other NCLIVE databases, however, the URL will only link to the original search screen from which the article was retrieved, but not to the article itself. The article must then be found through the search screen using the key words of the article title and the title of the magazine or journal. Most NCLIVE articles do not reveal page numbering.

Examples of the format of a citation for an NCLIVE magazine article according to two style manuals adopted at Barton College are listed below:

APA Style Format for NCLIVE Articles

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition)

MLA Style Format for NCLIVE Articles*

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th edition)*
*Modified from the MLA Handbook, 6th ed. guidelines, for use by Barton College students.

  • The Works Cited entry for an NCLIVE magazine or journal article should include:
  • Author's last name, first name. "Title of Article."
    Magazine/Journal Title Volume.Issue (Year):pages. Name of Database.
    Name of Database Vendor. Day Month Year of Access <NCLIVE home page

    Explanation: The volume and issue number in academic journals that do not use continuous pagination (in other words, they begin every issue with page one) are reflected in citations as a decimal (therefore, volume 35 issue number 2 is cited as 35.2 in the example below).

    Bradley, Keith. "Romanitas and the Roman Family: The Evidence of Apuleius's
    Apology." Canadian Journal of History 35.2 (2000):215-239.
    Academic Search Complete. EBSCOhost. 12 Feb. 2004 <>.

  • The citation in the text for a specific part of an NCLIVE article should include:
  • (Author's Last Name page #)

    Explanation: "page #" above refers to page number of the printout of the article. (For example, if what you're citing occurs on page 13 of your printout, regardless of the original article page number, you would use "13" in your citation within the text of your paper for the page number.) Note: There is only a space, no punctuation, between the author's last name and the page number, as shown below:

    (Bradley 13)

NCLIVE Database Names and Vendors

Sometimes identifying the name of an NCLIVE database and locating the name of its vendor can be a challenge. For help with identifying both of these, see our Identifying NCLIVE Database Names and Vendors page.

Online Help

For more detailed information on variations according to types of publications, number of authors, etc., see both manuals, which can be checked out on reserve at the Circulation Desk, or visit the following web sites:

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Last updated September 4, 2007