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In February 2010, The Hackney Library faculty and staff created "The Hackney Bunch" video posted on YouTube to introduce the library's personnel to Barton College students (and any other interested parties) in a humorous way. The project was the brainchild of library director Rodney Lippard. It is modeled on the 1970s-era "The Brady Bunch" television show's opening credits.

While there was some initial concern expressed about whether current college-age students would be familiar with the original show being spoofed by this video ("The Brady Bunch" was canceled in 1974), most felt that the 1995 film version based on the original show as well as other incarnations (not to mention the show's continuing presence in syndication) meant that the show would still be familiar to those who weren't even born when the original was first broadcast in prime time. So far, reaction of students has been very positive.

How the Video Is Being Used

"The Hackney Bunch," which runs just over a minute, will be used during the Freshman Year Seminar (FYS) library orientation classes in the fall to familiarize new students with library personnel. It may also be used during library orientations for transfer students and new faculty/staff.

About the Video

Lyrics for the "The Hackney Bunch" theme song were written by Rodney Lippard. On the video, the song is sung to a karaoke version of the original "Brady Bunch" tune, which was purchased from Amazon.com. "The Hackney Bunch" was performed on the video by Steven Stewart, Circulation Supervisor, and Tempie Hayes, Weekend Librarian (of Fall 2009 "Band Book Tour" Open House fame). Library personnel starred as themselves. Steven Stewart recorded, edited, and produced the video.

To create the opening shot of the library personnel arrayed on the Brady Bunch-like library stairs, the North Carolina Collection shelving that is located in front of the stairs had to be dismantled and, along with its contents, had to be temporarily removed to clear the way for an unobstructed shot.

In order to achieve the "Brady Bunch" intro look, each member of the library staff was filmed standing in front of a piece of blue poster board. A Canon GL-1 camera was used to record the video, and the various video elements were then animated and edited using Final Cut Express editing software. The "Brady Bunch Remastered" font was used at the end to put a finishing touch on the video.

The entire process took approximately a day and a half to complete.

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Last updated March 22, 2010