Information on Hackney Library's Fall 2009
Open House Commercial
Logo for Hackney Library's 'The Band Book Tour'


This video commercial is one piece of the multi-media campaign created to advertise "The Band Book Tour," the library's 2009 award-winning* open house event. The commercial uses a fairly simple visual style and incorporates many of the other original graphic elements that were used in promoting "The Band Book Tour" event to keep a consistent look with the rest of the campaign.
*The event was awarded one of the American Library Association's coveted 2010 John Cotton Dana Public Relations awards for 2010.

How the Commercial Was Used

The commercial was uploaded to YouTube several weeks before the open house and a link to it was sent out via email to everyone on campus. Members of the bands who performed at the open house event also sent links out to their fans through their MySpace and Facebook pages. The video commercial had over 500 hits at the time of the open house, so it certainly appears to have been helpful in the promotion of the event, which was the most successful open house to date, both in attracting the greatest number of students as well as garnering the greatest attendance overall (an estimated 200+ attended the event, compared to about 80 at previous open houses).

About the Commercial

The graphics were created by Circulation Supervisor Steven Stewart, who also edited the video and wrote and performed the original music featured in the video commercial. Stewart also offers his vocal talents as the narrator, doing his best to impersonate the announcing style usually heard in radio commercials for monster truck events.

The various band logos and graphics for "The Band Book Tour" advertising campaign were created in Photoshop by Steven Stewart. The original video was shot using a Canon GL-1 video camera and the video was edited using Final Cut Express. The guitar featured in the video is Stewart's Les Paul Custom, which was also used on the recording of the music used throughout the commercial.

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