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Consumer Health Complete EBSCOhost

Provides information on aging, cancer, diabetes, drugs & alcohol, fitness, nutrition & dietetics, children's health, men & women's health, and more.

The Diabetes Dictionary
This online version of the familiar longstanding printed pamphlet has nearly 300 entries and several illustrations relating to diabetes. The dictionary, located on the web site of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, is peer reviewed by NIDDK scientists and outside experts. (There is also a link available from our catalog record for the 1989 print version of the pamphlet; search the catalog by title for "Diabetes dictionary" and then click on the online link.)

Division of Public Health (North Carolina)
This site covers a wide range of programs and services, all aimed toward protecting and improving the health of the people who live and work in North Carolina. Includes information such as fish consumption advisories, ozone levels, pfisteria health precautions, links to local health departments, how to get birth certificates, etc.

Entrez: The Life Sciences Search Engine

Free Over Internet
This wonderful search engine searches a full text journal collection called PubMed Central and an online E-books collection. In addition, it also searches PubMed and other life sciences resources. Whereas Medline via PubMed does not contain many full-text articles, PubMed Central does. A great place to start looking for medical and life-science articles.

Health & Wellness Information Center

NC LIVE has partnered with NC Health Info, a statewide UNC Chapel Hill Library service, to create a new, user-friendly Health and Wellness Information portal. The portal is designed for members of the general public who are looking to find trustworthy health information online; it includes free access to health information, news, journal articles, eBooks, videos, health resources in Spanish, and more.

The goal of this gateway consumer health information web site is "to improve consumer access to selected health information from government agencies, their many partner organizations, and other reliable sources that serve the public interest." A variety of menu lists on its home page link to online journals, medical dictionaries, minority health, as well as prevention and self-care. The developer/sponsor of this site is the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Department of Health and Human Services with other listed agencies.


Where MEDLINE via PubMed is aimed primarily at health care professionals, MEDLINEplus provides information helpful to both medical professionals and consumers. Not only can you access MEDLINE (including links to pre-formulated searches in MEDLINE on particular topics) via MEDLINEplus, but you can also link to other authoritative health resources such as medical encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories to doctors/dentists/hospitals, news sources, and clinical trials. Also available is extensive information on both prescription and non-prescription drugs through the MedMaster (from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists--ASHP) database.

MEDLINEplus Drugs & Supplements
Guide to prescription and over-the-counter medications provided by the United States Pharmacopeia. These are browsable by the prescription or generic name drug name, or by the herb or supplement name.
This online medical dictionary's entries include medical and scientific terms, abbreviations, institutions, projects, symptoms, eponyms, and medical history.

Merck Manual Home Edition
Based on the world's most widely used textbook of medicine (The Merck Manual), this online resource is written in everyday language. It explains disorders, who is likely to get them, their symptoms, how they're diagnosed, how they might be prevented, and how they can be treated; information about prognosis is also provided.

National Cancer Institute
For the general public, patients, and health professionals, the site offer consumer-oriented information on a wide range of topics as well as comprehensive descriptions of the National Cancer Institute's research programs and clinical trials. Scientists will find detailed information on specific areas of research interest and funding opportunities.

North Carolina Health Info
NC Health Info offers access to web sites of local health services, providers and programs serving residents of North Carolina. Through its connection with MEDLINEplus, a service of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, users of the site can get information about conditions, diseases and wellness, and find web sites of local health services, programs and providers throughout North Carolina.

State Center for Health Statistics(SCHS)
SCHS is responsible for data collection and research, production of reports, and maintenance of a comprehensive collection of North Carolina health statistics. They have published a wide variety of reports in the past and are in the process of adding them to their Web site.
This site is a gateway to health information for consumers, health care professionals, researchers, and educators, sponsored by the U.S. Public Health Service's Office on Women's Health. It provides access to a variety of women's federal resources in addition to those in the private sector.

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